About Us

About Us

We are a Bangalore based company located in the Peenya Industrial suburb. We have been offering services and manufacturing various electronic products that caters to telecommunication, electronics, entertainment and infrastructure needs since 1992. With the growing demand for top quality products, Bharath system has been pioneering in offering sustainable and reliable services.

Our initial venture includes manufacturing TV Receivers, Antennas, Dish and Amplifiers. Our company spread out by providing DTH service that involves marketing, setting up the accessories and providing service for the same. We are proud to mention that we have been recognized and awarded for this. 

With the expertise and hands on experience that we have gained over the years, we further extended our services in providing RF and IF solutions. We have been providing consultation and setting up services for reputed brands like Microsoft, BOSCH, Tata, Pace, etc.  For further details please take a look at our ‘Testimonials’ and ‘Case Studies’.

With a large customer base, we then extended our services to the CCTV sector. While taking up assignments, our agenda is look at services from the customer’s standpoint and implement changes by considering the customer feedback and reviews. Additionally, we constantly engage with customer care executives to ensure that each enquiry is answered, and the complaints are analyzed and resolved to complete satisfaction of the customer.

To think beyond possibilities’ is a belief we thrive on to attain quality services and customer satisfaction. We aim at meeting ends by providing customizable service that suits the customer’s requirement. Irrespective of what you are looking for, we guarantee that you will find a feasible cost-efficient solution.

Our Advisors

Vijaykumar Bidari

Vijaykumar M Bidari

Founder, Chairman & Managing Director (CMD)

With a BE in Electronics & Communication and an MBA in HRM, Vijaykumar has been phenomenal in growing the company to a strength of 35+. With more than 28 years of experience fields of Satellite communication, Cable TV, DTH, RF & IF, Aging chambers and High gain Antenna design, he is the technical as well as the management brain behind Bharat System’s success. An able manager and an excellent communicator, he has developed a self-sustainable model for the company and successfully navigated it as a profitable organization even through several economic slowdowns.

Pushpa Vijaykumar

Co-founder, Senior Financial Advisor

Pushpa specialises in the field Electronics & communication. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of satellite communication, she has worked on company’s flagship projects like Signal Injector project for BEL, and satellite signal simulator project to name a few. With expertise in front end & backend design of satellite signal communication, she has an impeccable understanding as well as a practical and analytical knowledge of testing Hybrid Amplifiers, PLL & Agile SAW filter Modulators, and Broadband Amplifiers. She has been a tremendous support in bringing Bharat Systems to it’s A-Game and alongside Vijaykumar, she has delivered outstanding leadership capabilities. 

Pushpa Vijaykumar
Naithik V Bidari

Naithik V Bidari

Sales, Marketing & Content Strategy Advisor

Naithik specialises in Business Development & Content Strategy and has extensively worked towards building the company’s brand digitally. With a Master’s Degree in English with communication studies, Naithik is the go-to guy at Bharat Systems for any content & communication related issues. With special focus on sales & marketing of RF solutions, Naithik brings in a fresh perspective to add value to the company.

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