Fiber Optic Networking

Fiber Optics Networking

Bharat Systems caters to a wide range of customers where long distance point to point communication of data, video & high bandwidth signals to be transmitted at low transmission losses. 

Our solutions provide smooth transmission of telephone signals, internet communication, and cable television signals. It is used in analog transmission of camera images to displays. The progressive transmission features of a fiber-optic cable reduces the need for expensive signal amplifiers and serves as a convenient option, being thinner and more flexible than a UTP cable. As it does not carry electricity, it helps in rapid transmission of more data in less time.  Fiber optics cable also comes handy in carrying television signals for very long distances through both single and multimode. Optical fiber offers speeds up to 10 Gbps, symmetrical upload and download bandwidth.

Fiber optics provides faster communication, better connectivity, and clear conversations without any lag on either side. Furthermore, Fiber optic cables are also easy, cost efficient, and attractive solutions to lighting projects. We, at Bharat Systems can build it all for you.

Our Fiber Optics Solutions

Optical Fiber Trans-receiver

Setting up point-to-point Trans-receiver

TV head-end setup

Providing and distributing cable TV head-end setup

OFC network

Providing CCTV convergence using OFC network

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