RF Solutions

RF Solutions

RF Solutions is yet another major area where Bharat Systems has emerged and sustained its progress since its inception. RF solution caters to devices and solutions that enhance connectivity through radio frequency (RF) as a form of wired and wireless communication. Let us give you an overview of what we offer-

We provide solutions that have been curated to perfection with a visionary conception and technical feasibility. We aim at converting every idea into work-in-action and we provide complete transparency on this. We have equipped ourselves with a fully trained and ready-to-act team to install and implement highly precise RF solutions.


Our expertise include the following services-

  •       RF Head End
  •       Signal balancing
  •       RF infrastructure networking
  •       RDT aging chambers
  •       RF shielding chambers
  •       RF integration with CCTV monitoring of failures 
  •   RF reliability & testing
  •   Long distance communication set up


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Our RF Solutions

Reliability and Testing

Reliability and Testing

Just like any other esteemed company we aim at delivering 100% fool proof and reliable products to our customers by setting up proper test mechanisms before beginning with large scale manufacturing. We assess and conceive the concept and study the feasibility of testing and recording of the equipment under reliability test as per customer specific requirements. Based on your requirement we can customize a solution.

Radiation arresting solution

Organizations working for RF equipment testing and manufacturing require the need of controlling the radiations generated from equipment with high power. To limit the radiations within the permissible values, we undertake the feasibility study and manufacture the necessary chambers to control the radiation. We conduct an assessment and customise and curate a solution for your specific need. 

Radiation arresting solution
Long distance communication set up

Long distance communication set up

Organizations with offices in multiple locations in the same city can be connected through a line of sight communication network. We conduct a full-scale assessment to analyze the parameters that need to be countered and customize a low-loss long distance, highly secure communication set up. 

Customised RF solutions & Products

If your organization encounters problems in the terms of reliability, testing, radiation arresting, long distance communication, ageing chambers for temperature variation or testing for real time monitoring, you can count on us to counter that problem with our customised RF Solutions. Our engineers can assess the problem and effectively cut down on cost by curating a solution to overcome these challenges.

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Customised RF solutions

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